Where is your loyalty?  Have you truly thought about, who you are loyal to?  Are you loyal to your favorite football team?

When you know your team is playing,  you’re hoping they will win, even before the game starts, just because it’s your team. During the game, your screaming at the players, saying what they should have done, what they should do next, and what you’re going to do if they don’t get their act together. Or, your screaming because they’re scoring, you’re bragging about them, saying how good they are, giving them praise, and speaking negative about the other team.  If they lose, you have nothing good to say, but speak on everything they did wrong.  If they win, you’re loving them, everything is good, and no one can tell you nothing about your team!

Sounds like most relationships. The only difference between the football team and the relationship is, when the team continues to lose, you still stick with them, in spite of the things they did wrong.

Be loyal to God, and He will show you how to be loyal to your relationship.





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