We like to hear a good story.  Some stories are told with the intent of rumor or gossip with revenge.  There’s nothing wrong with telling a story.  We just have to be mindful that the story is told with good intentions, and not gossip, before telling the story.

In the Bible, King David saw a beautiful woman bathing.  Her name was Bath-sheba.  She was married to Uriah.  David sent for her by his messengers.  He slept with her and she became pregnant.  David sent for her husband, Uriah, who was at war, and David tried to convince Uriah to sleep with his wife Bath-sheba, but Uriah did not.  David then, tried to get Uriah drunk, hoping he would go home and sleep with his wife Bath-sheba, but Uriah did not. Then David, wrote a letter, and sent it by the hand of Uriah, to put Uriah in the front-line of the worst battle and leave him there  to die.  Uriah did die, David married Bath-sheba, and the baby died.  The Lord was not happy with what David did.  But, there’s more to the story, as God forgave David.

Gossip is like a boomerang, it can come back to the storyteller.  This story, just like other stories in the Bible, can be looked upon as gossip or a lesson learned. The bible has a lot of gossip in it, if that’s what you want to call it.  Read it. . . and tell that.


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