Word is Bond

What is your word worth? Can your word be trusted? Can you stand behind what you say? Keep it real. . .is your word bond?

God’s word is bond. Whatever He speaks, it is done.

You’re word is your bond. If you’re that person that constantly does not stand on your own word, you look bad, and believe it or not, you’re not trusted. You’re constantly doubted by others. You may be a good person with good intentions, but when your word fails, you fail. Be accountable and start doing what you say, from the smallest of things, to the larger. From, I’ll call you back, and do it, to, I’ll be there, and show up.

Practice on your word, and do what you say. Commit to yourself first, then you’ll be able to commit to others.

Because God said it, because God said it, because God said it. . .it is done. God spoke it, and it was done.

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