Roller Coasters

Some of us like roller coaster rides! The joy of standing it line for the 2-5 minute ride then, sometimes getting back in line to enjoy the thrill, the excitement, the split seconds of fear, knowing it’s not going to last but for a moment! But, there are those, who do not like roller coaster rides, but choose to do something so much more fun or daring!

What about the roller coaster rides of life? There are no lines, and the thrill, excitement and fear of it last so much longer than a few split seconds, but for hours, days, weeks, months, and some, even years. What’s the thrill in that!? Some of those rides we prefer to get back in line and enjoy them again, and some of those rides we don’t ever want to go back on again.

Most of the times, these are emotional roller coaster rides. Up one day, down the next. And we allow these rides to dictate our emotions. We’re happy when things are going right, our way. Then we’re sad, or disappointed when things are not going our way.

We have to learn to keep our eyes fixed on God, not the circumstances, which will give us a peace and a joy that is not understandable to man, regardless of what’s going on.

Trust our Father to bring you joy and peace, not your circumstances. Some of use have been on the roller coaster of life so long, we don’t know how to get off. There have been many times when our Father has opened a door to help us get off that roller coaster, but we’ve been on it so long, we don’t know if that’s an opportunity to get off, or just look at the open door. Some of our roller coasters have so long a drop, we’re wondering when it’s going to go back up.

We will go through roller coaster rides all of our lives, but we don’t have to let our circumstances dictate our ride, nor let the ride last longer than it should. We can control the ride by the power within us, the promises God has made to us, and speaking those things into existence. Let’s change our thinking and pay attention to what God is offering us. Ask our Father in prayer, and He will show you. But…you have to listen.

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